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January Class 8 Truck Orders Remain High But Fall Below December 2014 Figures

Orders for class 8 trucks, defined as trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 33,000 pounds or more, which include most tractor trailer trucks, remained high in January. Preliminary figures indicate that there were 35,400 orders in January, falling from the December 2014 figure of 43,900 orders.

The end of 2014 was a record month for truck sales, figures which would be difficult to surpass as fleets move to anticipate their requirements for the coming year. The trucking industry continues to experience strong freight demand and tight hauling capacity.

JRS - February 5, 2015

NTSB Reports Slight Drop in Highway Deaths 

The National Transportation Safety Board ("NTSB") released its 2013 figures on all-mode transportation deaths. The 2013 figure, 32,719, represents a 3.15% drop from the prior year, a promising trend that safety guidelines are improving.

Notably, within the sub-category of medium and heavy truck fatalities, the figure dropped just under 1%. Light truck and van fatalities also fell by 2.79%.

JRS - February 5, 2015

Night Work to Slow at Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

In an effort to clear congested terminals, the Pacific Maritime Association ("PMA") has announced that it will stop the night time loading and unloading of ships. Instead, the PMA will be instructing crane operators and other workers to move containers off the yards and onto trucks, an effort that will create more room.

This announcement comes on the heels of a contract dispute between the PMA and union workers dating back to July 2014. Federal mediators have had little luck making headway towards a resolution.

The ILWU says the cuts will inflict direct damage on the industry and retailers, a problem exacerbated by growing competition abroad.

JRS - January 13, 2015